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1. The check-in time is from 3:00 PM and the check-out time is at 11:00 AM.
• In case I exceed the check-out time I will have to cover a fine of 50% of the cost per night of my suite.

2. The suite I booked does not include cleaning or dishwashing. Trash pickup will be done daily, and towel change will be done every third day.
• In case of requesting the room cleaning service, it will cost $500.00 MXN or $25 USD.

3. It is my responsibility to wash the kitchen utensils and dishes in my suite if I use them.
• Otherwise I assume the cost of $300.00 MXN or $15 USD

4. In case of stain on any towel, set of blanks, breakage of any glassware or misplace- ment of any appliances I agree to cover the full payment of the damaged item(s) as directed by the front desk or management staff.

5. In the event of misuse of the facilities and furniture in the suite, such as: damage to walls, burns to armchair/bedding or general clothing, I must cover the full amount for repair.

6. The establishment will not be responsible for values that have not been deposited inside the security box that is located inside my suite, in my main closet.

7. Smoking is not allowed inside the room. Help us create an atmosphere of pure and healthy air.
• In case of violation, I am aware that I will be fined $4,000.00 MXN or 200 USD.

8. At the time of check-out, the magnetic key(s) provided for my suite must be handed in.
• Otherwise I assume the cost of $200.00 MXN or $10 USD

9. No outside visitors are allowed inside my suite.In case of receiving family or friends, it will be for exclusive use in common areas and I must have a previous authorization from management or front desk staff in a schedule from 9 AM to 9 PM
• If the visit violates any policy, the visitor will be asked to leave the establishment.

10. Pool schedule is from 9 AM to 9 PM and I understand that the use of glass in and around the pool is prohibited. I agree to abide by the pool rules posted on the white wall at the entrance to the deck area.
• In case of violating the rules I assume the fine of $3,000.00 MXN or $15 USD.

11. To obtain pool towels, I must bring my "towel card" directly to the front desk and at the end of its use return the towel to the front desk to get my card back.
• In the case I do not return my towel card at the time of check-out I am aware that I will be charged an extra $200.00 or $10.00.

12. Smoking is not permitted in and around the pool or common areas. I am aware that if I wish to smoke, I must go to the designated smoking areas as I am in a family environment.

13. The parking gate and the main lobby access have a bell so that the staff of the establishment can support me to enter more easily.

14. It is not allowed to set aside parking boxes. In order to make use of a parking space, it is strictly mandatory to leave your car key at the front desk.
• In case you don't like to leave the key, I will park outside the establishment.

15. ECO-GREEN ALERT! I am aware that together we will take care of the planet, that's why I promise to turn off the air conditioners in my room as long as I am not in my suite or using it.

16. The use of the business center computer in the lobby area and the private conference room is at my disposal and is part of my services.

17. The use of the grill is under reservation and has a cost of $400.00 MXN or 20 USD. It does not include charcoal.

18. Laundry service is requested directly at the front desk and has a cost of $300.00 MXN or $15.00 USD per basket. The basket is separated by white, colored, and dark clothes.

19. In case of requiring the massage service, I am aware that I must schedule it with hours of anticipation as well as any special assembly that I may wish.

20. The phone extension I can reach directly at the front desk is 1102 and I have a personalized service 24 hours a day.

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